Day 1 (Dec 10, 2019) Session I

Biosynthetic Pathways and Metabolic Engineering: from Discovery to Synthetic Biology

We will present leading edge research in plant small molecules that have an interest as healthy compounds or for the industry. Research presented will unveil the biosynthetic pathways and the engineering of plants for high production of those compounds using all sort of approaches including Synthetic Biology/Metabolic engineering.

Invited Speakers:

  1. Johnathan Napier (United Kingdom
  2. Susan Roberts (USA)
  3. John D’Auria (USA/Germany in Dec)
  4. Robert Last (USA)
  5. Joaquin J Salas ( Spain)
  6.  Paul Christou (Spain)
Day 1 ( Dec 10, 2019) Session II

Small Molecules in Plant Communication

We will include here talks on Small Molecules emphasizing their role in plant communication both as endogenous signals or to communicate with other plants or organisms. This session will present the latest advances in research on compounds that confer to flowers or fruits the ability to attract pollinators or frugivores, the complexity of the chemical communication in plant-insect interaction and plant-parasite/pathogen interactions.

 Invited Speakers:

  1. Natalia Dudareva (USA)
  2. Ian Baldwin (Germany)
  3. Jürgen Zeier ( Germany)
  4. Salim Al-Babili (Saudi Arabia)
  5. Antonio Granell (Spain)
  6. Alberto Urbaneja (Spain)
Day 2 (Dec 11, 2019) Session III and IV

From metabolomics to chemical genomics: monitoring, assessing, screening and optimizing small molecules

In two sessions we will present the use of metabolomics platforms to define the small metabolite complement of the plant, as well as different approaches to monitor small molecules in plant cells. A series of talks will illustrate how the combination of sophisticated phenotyping/monitoring of biological effects triggered by small molecules in plant cells together with the screening of large libraries of small compounds -chemical genomics approaches- result in the identification of new small molecules with enhanced properties.

 Invited Speakers:

  1. Paul Fraser (UK)
  2. Asaph Aharoni (Israel)
  3. Anna Stepanova (USA)
  4. Eugenia Russinova (Belgium)
  5. Andrea Chini (Spain)
  6. Stephanie Robert (Sweden)
  7. Sean Cutler (USA)
  8. Glenn Hicks (USA)
  9. Pedro L. Rodriguez (Spain)
  10. Mabel Loza Garcia (Spain)
  11. Francisco Tomás-Barberán (Spain)
  12. Manuel Rodriguez-Concepción (Spain)
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